Are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde friends?

Are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde friends?

Utterson and Jekyll, for example, are longtime friends who see each other frequently socially, but Jekyll also entrusts Utterson with his financial problems, thus their connection is both personal and professional.

They meet as young men at the University of Edinburgh, where they become close friends. Jekyll is interested in science, while Utterson wants to be a priest. But when Jekyll discovers that Utterson plans to leave Scotland to work as an American missionary, he convinces him to stay in Europe and study law. They remain close friends until Jekyll's death in 1907.

Now it is 1908 and Utterson is a successful lawyer living in London. He receives a letter from a small town in America called Stevenson (which is probably not a coincidence), where Jekyll has just been appointed medical doctor. Interested by this news, Utterson travels to America to visit Jekyll. However, when he arrives, he finds out that Jekyll died years ago. Confused, Utterson returns home. But then he gets another letter from Stevenson saying that now Jekyll has a new job: police surgeon. Again, intrigued by this news, Utterson goes back to America. This time he meets Henry James Dean, who tells him that Jekyll is now working at a hospital in San Francisco.

Who was Dr. Jekyll's friend?

Utterson Jekyll's devoted companion, and it is through his eyes that we comprehend the most of the narrative. His devotion to and care for Jekyll is shown on several occasions. When Jekyll needs surgery, it is Utterson who goes to London to find a doctor willing to perform the operation. He also pays the bills for Jekyll's room and board at the hotel where they both work.

Jekyll's friendship with Edward Hyde is another important aspect in the story. We learn from Utterson that when Jekyll came back from Germany, where he had gone to study medicine, he brought a new friend with him: an athletic young man who enjoyed fencing and boxing. This friend became known as Edward Hyde. According'to Jekyll, Hyde had a violent temper and was completely out of control. Yet despite this fact, Jekyll kept him by his side as his own personal bodyguard and close friend. It was Hyde who persuaded Jekyll to go to London to seek medical help for his malady. After Jekyll died, Hyde went to the hospital and identified his body before leaving town.

Hyde's role in the story makes him quite an interesting character himself. We know very little about him but what we do know reveals a dark and dangerous side to Jekyll's personality.

What kind of relationship did Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Utterson share?

The characters, Utterson and Jekyll, are shown to have a deep friendship that has formed through time. They meet when Utterson seeks Jekyll's advice on whether or not he should break off his engagement with Lucy O'Connor. Jekyll tells him that he is wrong to put marriage before science, and they form a bond over this belief system. Later on, when Jekyll needs help from Utterson with an experiment, the two men become even closer friends.

Jekyll also refers to Utterson as "my dear old friend" and calls him "Harry." This shows that they are more than just acquaintances who meet for business purposes; they are friends who care about each other deeply.

Utterson is the only person besides Jekyll's wife that calls her "Mary," and she calls him by name in return. This proves that their relationship goes beyond that of doctor and patient; they have a strong bond that goes far beyond medical practice.

Mr. Utterson comes to know about Jekyll's secret laboratory when searching for new employees for his firm. He visits this laboratory himself and sees for himself that it is where Jekyll experiments with different chemicals to transform himself into a different personality every morning.

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