Can a narcissist be married to a sociopath?

Can a narcissist be married to a sociopath?

One reader was married to a narcissist, which is a sociopath. Despite the fact that her children see their father regularly, she has been able to grow them to be normal. Here are some of her suggestions: "Associate with the ex as little as possible, ideally via e-mail, and keep it all business."

Narcissists cannot help but inflate their own importance and deny any wrongdoing. They need attention and admiration from others to feel good about themselves. Since they have no empathy, they will never understand why you want nothing to do with them.

A sociopath can marry a narcissist if the sociopath agrees to take care of the narcissist. The marriage would be based on money together with an agreement that either party can leave at any time. This way, both parties get what they want out of the relationship.

Narcissists look outside the family for love and acceptance. While this may work for some sociopaths, it isn't enough for others. Some sociopaths may marry multiple times, always looking for more approval than other people can give.

In conclusion, a narcissist can't be married to a sociopath because they require different things in a partner. However, a sociopath can marry a narcissist if the aim of the marriage is to provide security through money or drugs.

Who is a sociopath, a narcissist and their children?

A Sociopath, a Narcissist, and Their Children is the title of this essay. I used the term "narcissist" to make it easier for anyone who believe they are married to or dating a "narcissist" to access this material. This article explains what makes someone a sociopath and how they can tell if you are one of them. It also discusses what causes someone to become narcissistic and how they can recover themselves.

Sociopaths have no regard for other people's feelings and don't care if they cause pain as long as they get what they want. They use manipulation and deceit to get what they want from others. There are two types of sociopaths: those who commit crimes and those who don't. Criminal sociopaths often go to prison where they will continue to behave this way until they die or are released. Non-criminal sociopaths may or may not know that they are doing things that hurt other people. Although most non-criminal sociopaths grow up in normal homes, some may have experienced trauma which caused them to develop emotional problems.

Narcissists are like sociopaths except they are more concerned with themselves than getting something else. They believe others should be controlled by them so they can feel important. They need constant attention and praise from others to feel happy. Like sociopaths, there are two types of narcissists: overt and covert.

Can a vindictive narcissist be an ex-husband?

Ex-husbands are not the only vindictive narcissists. Because such individuals have practically no interest in or ability for change, the best you can do is avoid them, just as you would avoid a snake if it crossed your path. These people are toxic to their relationships and should never be accepted back into someone's life.

Narcissistic ex-husbands/wives often use their partners' weaknesses against them in order to feel important. If you deny them this opportunity, then they will seek revenge on you in any way that they can. They may even threaten to tell your children about your indiscretions if you refuse to grant them access to them.

It is not easy being married to a narcissistic person, but it is possible. You need to understand that although they may appear to love you at first sight, that feeling is likely to change once they realize how much they can get from you. Avoid these men at all costs because if you stay with them, then you are doing them a favor by giving up your own happiness.

Can you co-parent with a narcissist?

Co-parenting with a narcissist may appear to be the most difficult thing in the world. Change your approach so that you have greater control over what you can. Don't give in to your ex's constant urge to agitate you.

Narcissists have a need for attention and admiration. If they don't get it, they will seek it elsewhere. This is why relationships with narcs are so ephemeral—they can never feel safe or secure.

Narcissists are unable to feel remorse or guilt. Therefore, they have no choice but to continue acting out their abusive behaviors until they are caught or punished.

Narcissists are egomaniacs who believe that they are special and deserve respect. They cannot understand why anyone would not want to be with them. Relationships with narcissists are fun at first because you get something out of it (like money or access to famous people), but in time, they will move on to someone else who will adore them.

Narcissists are incapable of love. They can pretend otherwise for a while but eventually, they will show their true colors.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, try not to take it personally. It's not about you. They don't care about your feelings or needs.

Can a narcissist husband be a good husband?

These relationships are frequently long-term because, despite the spouses' feelings of exhaustion and dissatisfaction, they just cannot explain what is wrong. Closet narcissist men are frequently prickly pears, hypersensitive, and possibly less acutely aware of their desire to control through manipulation of others. They may have an image to maintain or protect.

Narcissistic husbands can be good husbands if they understand what makes up their wife/partner for who they are and accept them as they are. If you want a narcissistic husband, then you must first accept yourself as you are not capable of changing into something you are not.

Narcissists have a need to be admired by others but are often very insecure themselves. Sometimes they will even pretend to be someone else to gain approval from others. For example, a closet narcissist may assume a persona in front of family members or friends to make them feel important or secure enough not to find out the truth about him or her.

Narcissists are usually not willing to change and therefore unable to handle power differently than how they behave towards others. In other words, they cannot be good partners because they do not know how to share power with others nor do they care to learn.

Narcissists prefer being the one making all the decisions instead of sharing it with their spouse.

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