Can a narcissist really be a good person?

Can a narcissist really be a good person?

While retrieving sharing information, an error occurred. Please retry later. In the way they speak to you, narcissists may be immensely, brutally harsh, cruel, and downright abusive. But why are they having such an easy time of it? Why is no one standing up to them?

The simple answer is that everyone around them wants to believe that the narcissist can change.

Narcissists are incapable of true empathy. They don't feel what others feel; they just use their feelings as a guide for what they should do next. That's why relationships with narcissists are so difficult: They crave attention and love, but rarely give either back.

Narcissists can appear charming and likeable, but this is all an act. Underneath they're self-absorbed and insecure, looking for approval from others. If they can't get it, they have no reason to change.

In order for there to be hope for someone who suffers from narcissism, they need to be diagnosed with the disorder. Only then will they understand that everything they do comes across as acceptable behavior. Otherwise, they'll continue to be abused by others and live in fear that they might do the same thing again.

Narcissists can change if they want to.

Is a narcissistic person a know-it-all?

Many narcissists are know-it-alls who struggle to get along with coworkers and friends because they refuse to accept they could ever be incorrect about anything.

They think they're smarter than everyone else so why should anyone listen to them? Also, they believe that they deserve better than everyone else so why should they settle for less? Finally, they feel entitled to everything they want or need, so why should they have to ask people for help when things don't go their way?

Narcissistic people are often accused of being "self-absorbed" but this is not exactly correct. Self-absorbed people care only about themselves and think about nothing else. Narcissists may care about themselves but they also care about others. They just can't handle being wrong so they insist on being right even if it means putting other people down in order to feel superior to them.

Self-absorption is a common trait among many famous narcissists including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Richard Nixon. However, these men did not know everything about everything so they required others to assist them in learning new things. For example, Hitler hired experts to help him write his book "Mein Kampf" and Stalin used meetings and committees to discuss issues before making decisions.

Why do narcissists not care?

Narcissists are driven by feeling superior and growing their power, therefore gaining acclaim, celebrity, influence, opportunity, renown, and other resources is the only thing that matters while assisting others. They don't care about others since, to them, humans are simply stuff to be used.

When you look at a narcissist, they never seem to care about anything or anyone other than themselves. This is because the narcissist does not feel pain like other people do; instead, they feel pleasure and satisfaction when they succeed in getting what they want. Without even really trying, they are able to charm and flatter others into doing their bidding - including ignoring, dismissing, and even abusing others.

Narcissists are incapable of showing emotion so they can appear "strong" and "competent". This means that they cannot show regret, sympathy, compassion, or disappointment. Instead, they will often complain about others or use abuse as a way of controlling them. For example, if a narcissist kills someone, they will usually cover it up by saying that the person died by their own hand or by a natural cause. Narcissists are also incapable of apologizing so will rarely take responsibility for their actions.

Why are narcissists likable?

They prey on other people's sense of fairness and want to be liked. Narcissists only want to be liked if it will gain them anything they desire. When their objectives are met, they frequently cut ties with the people who helped them get there. This is why narcissists are likable during their early stages of development when they're looking for attention and love.

Narcissists are very charming and attractive because they know how to use their personality traits to their advantage. They learn how to read people well and know how to make them like them. Because of this, many people are drawn to narcissists - often before they even realize it themselves.

Narcissists are also intelligent and creative. They enjoy influencing others by giving them ideas or projects to do. This makes them enjoyable to be around because you never know what kind of idea they might come up with next. Creative people usually have great minds for creativity so they tend to produce amazing works of art, music, literature, and more.

Last but not least, narcissists are fun. They like being around people and having a good time. They will try anything at least once (sometimes many times) and sometimes that includes you! Narcissists are always up for a challenge or a game. Even though they may seem selfish at times, they really aren't. The only person they're trying to please is themselves.

Can a narcissist ever be selfless?

Narcissists are self-centered people who act and think as though the world revolves around them. They can be difficult to work with, yet altruists (selfless people) may be the finest people for the task. Narcissists are often leaders because they make others feel important by associating with them. Their need for recognition from others makes it difficult for them to grant it from others.

Selflessness is the opposite of selfishness. Selflessly minded people are willing to sacrifice themselves for others, or for what they believe to be right. Only a person who is truly selfless would try to influence other people to do what they think is best. A narcissist could pretend to be selfless by letting you help them out with things they need, but this is only because they want something in return - usually your admiration - which means that they are not being true to themselves.

Narcissists are always looking for ways to improve their image. If they see someone else getting all the attention, they will do anything possible to get it too. This may include pretending to be selfless, but in reality they are just trying to win your approval. Avoid narcissists at all costs because they will only bring you pain.

Do narcissists lack social skills?

Because narcissists primarily form connections to justify their self-worth, they lack the social skills necessary to form solid, long-lasting friendships. People with large egos frequently lose friends. If you're not willing to sacrifice some of your own needs for others, they won't be able to connect with your lower feelings.

Narcissists tend to focus on what they can get out of a relationship rather than what they can give to it. This is because they are looking for approval and recognition from others. They want to feel important because he or she does. Thus, they seek relationships that allow them to fulfill these needs. It's hard for someone with an extreme sense of entitlement to understand why people wouldn't completely do whatever they wanted from life... Especially when they're willing to give as much as they expect in return.

Narcissists lack empathy because they're always looking out for themselves first. When you try to help someone else, you risk losing him or her so they usually don't bother. Empathy is an essential part of socialization because without it, there would be no society. Narcissists may appear socially skilled, but they're actually isolated individuals who rely on strangers for connection and support.

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