Did Michael Jackson have a good relationship with his family?

Did Michael Jackson have a good relationship with his family?

Friends say Jackson considered his mother as the one immaculate, angelic constant in his life, despite having a turbulent relationship with other family members and confidants at times. He reportedly loved and admired his father but also felt controlled by him. His childhood friends remember Jackson talking about his family often and with deep affection, especially his mother.

Jackson's first marriage ended in divorce after just three months. His second marriage to Lisa Marie Presley also ended in divorce after only nine months. Neither marriage produced children together.

He had several relationships over the course of his career, most notably with Debbie Rowe and Khloe Kardashian. Both women gave birth to his children; Prince Michael Jackson II and Princess Paris Katherine Jackson.

Michael's death left his family in despair; his two brothers and two sisters all suffered severe depression after his death. They are now all successful musicians in their own right. However, they have never recovered from their brother's death and many sources claim that they still suffer from heavy depression today.

His parents both died before they could see their son become famous; his father Joseph Jackson was a bus driver while his mother Katherine Jackson worked as a janitor to support her five children.

Did Michael Jackson like his family?

He adored his children, and they adored him. You observed him with his children and did not perceive a selfish narcissist or a superstar. You witnessed a kind, giving parent who desired to be simple and peaceful while teaching his children about the world. Nonetheless, there are several examples of Jackson being a devoted parent. He spent a lot of time with his kids when they were young, and he was very active in their lives.

When Prince was just nine years old, he joined Michael Jackson on stage during one of his concert tours. The two of them performed three songs together: "Let's Go Crazy", "Rock Your Body" and "Baby Come Back".

At some point in his career, Jackson also had a relationship with actress Elizabeth Taylor. They met on the set of the 1982 film "The Betsy", where she played his mother. After the filming ended, they remained close friends and exchanged gifts often. Jackson also visited her bed-ridden husband, actor Henry Taylor, when he was sick in 2007. Although no details about their relationship have been revealed by either party, it is known that Jackson knew that Taylor was not getting better and went even so far as to hire a nurse specifically to care for her while he was out touring.

Finally, there is evidence that suggests that Jackson may have been involved in a sexual relationship with another man.

How long did Michael Jackson live with his parents?

She didn't mind if he made irrational judgments at times. Her entire life, she had only protected and supported him without reservation. Michael Jackson resided at the family's Encino, California, estate with his mother and siblings Joe, Janet, and LaToya until he was nearly 30. At that time, his father John Jackson signed over guardianship of all his children to Debbie Rowe. However, Michael continued to see his parents as legal guardians until their deaths.

In 2005, after years of speculation, reports surfaced that Michael was living in a $15 million mansion near Beverly Hills with several other people. His body was discovered two months later in the same house. The coroner reported that he died from acute propofol intoxication combined with benzodiazepine sedatives.

Debbie Rowe has said that Michael never lived alone and always kept furniture in his rooms for when he moved back in with his parents. She also said that he would not have allowed any of her other clients to stay there.

However, another source told the Los Angeles Times that during this time, Michael was renting out a room in the mansion for $20,000 a month. The paper also reported that a security guard they interviewed saw "at least four other men" staying there besides Michael.

In July 2009, after moving into a new home of his own, Michael sold the Beverly Hills mansion for $5 million.

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