Do Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook hate each other?

Do Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook hate each other?

"I dare any human not to harbor a grudge," Peter Hook said of his dispute with Bernard Sumner of New Order. The two had a falling out over a huge royalties dispute. Peter Hook has spoken out about his ongoing rivalry with former New Order bandmate Bernard Sumner, following their fallout over a large royalties dispute. "I dare any human not to harbor a grudge," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "It's very healthy for music."

Peter Hook was speaking after New Order played three sold-out shows at London's Royal Albert Hall this summer to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The group has been on hiatus since 1990 but returned to the spotlight earlier this year with three high-profile reunions. The first two concerts were such success that they have been extended into a full European tour in September.

The rift between Hook and Sumner began when they were part of New Order, one of Britain's most successful bands of the 1980s. The pair had equal shares in the band but later became embroiled in a battle over who got what. In the end, Hook took most of the money while Sumner chose to give away most of his share to help other musicians. This led to a major row between the two which has never been resolved.

Hook also had some harsh words for Sumner's recent comments about New Order.

What happened between Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner?

When they returned in 2011 without Hook, a huge royalty issue ensued, finally culminating to a lawsuit in 2015. In an interview with The Guardian, Hook said of the litigation: "It's not over yet but it's looking unlikely we're going to get resolved now."

Hook also commented on why he left New Order: "I think if you asked any of the members of New Order they would say it was a mutual decision. But really it was just a matter of personalities. I'm not trying to sound like I know everything about music, but there are only so many ways you can go with guitars and drums - it's not like bass or keys or anything else - so it was just a case of finding different things to do within that framework."

He added: "I still see Bernard every year at some point during the tour. We've got a lot of history together - we were in a band for ten years - so it's not like this came out of nowhere."

Are Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner's relationships permanent?

Despite finally resolving their financial disputes in 2017, Hook thinks he and Sumner are unlikely to sit down and try to mend their strained friendship. "I don't think there's any point in trying to be friends," he said. "We're just too different people."

Hook also had some harsh words for those who try to mediate between him and Sumner, saying that "it doesn't work" because they have very different opinions on life and music. He added that if anything can bring them together again it would be the release of a new New Order album, which is scheduled for later this year.

Sumner took issue with several of Hook's comments in an interview with The Guardian, particularly his remarks about mediators. "It's all a bit much for me to take in," he said. "I really don't want to get into all this old stuff. I just want to make music and be left alone."

While their relationship has been strained for many years now, it wasn't until late 2016 that things came to a head over Sumner's refusal to pay Hook his share of royalties from their shared projects. After months of negotiations, New Order announced in January 2017 that they had resolved their issues and were back on good terms.

Why do Peter and Hook hate each other?

Hook rejects Peter not just because of the loss of his hand, but also because Peter's nature fundamentally offends him. Hook sees himself as a good man who tries to do right by everyone around him. He believes that no one should be punished for something they have not done, so when Peter is sentenced to death for something he didn't do, he can only watch as his friend is executed before his eyes.

As far back as we can remember, Hook has been there for Peter. He was the first person to believe in Peter after he woke up from his long sleep and he has been by his side every step of the way, even if it means betraying his own family. When Peter meets the love of his life, Emma, she becomes interested in him not because of his title or wealth, but because he is like a brother to Hook. Finally, someone who understands him and knows what he goes through day in and day out.

But still, Hook betrays him. He leaves his family behind and follows Peter to live in a cave so he can help him escape when needed. Even though he knows it could get them both killed, he does it again and again until finally, he is captured and arrested for treason.

Why do Peter Pan and Captain Hook hate each other?

Hook dislikes Peter not just because he has lost his hand, but also because Peter's character fundamentally offends him. Hook sees himself as a good man who only wants to protect Wendy and her brothers from danger, while Peter believes that children should be allowed to enjoy themselves without restraint or responsibility.

In addition, Hook is jealous of Peter's relationship with Wendy. Jealousy is one of the main drivers behind why he seeks revenge against Peter. Also, it should be noted that despite their differences, both Peter and Hook love Wendy very much.

They are both characters who deserve to be loved. It's just that one of them is too young to realize it yet.

Why did Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook fall out?

Hook and his former bandmates reached an out-of-court settlement in 2017 following a lengthy legal struggle over royalties and the band's continuing use of the New Order moniker. As part of the agreement, New Order was to be removed from all online merchandise stores that carry its label.

The two main antagonists in the band's story, Hook and Sumner, had different opinions on how New Order should be represented. Sumner wanted the group to be remembered as one unit, while Hook felt that the individual contributions of each member needed to be acknowledged.

As part of their settlement, Hook and Sumner were supposed to work together to come up with a new marketing strategy for New Order. However, tensions between them soon surfaced again when Hook announced plans to release a New Order album without Sumner's approval. The record was going to be called "Lift Me Up" and feature songs written by both Hook and his former partner.

Sumner took issue with this decision again and told fans not to buy the album. He also revealed that he had been cut off from all future royalties related to New Order projects.

Hook responded to these allegations by saying that he is still New Order's biggest fan and that making the album is what brought him and Sumner back together again.

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