Do you still have friends from high school?

Do you still have friends from high school?

Occasionally, the majority of those folks will not be your high school pals. When you recognize this, it is unlikely to be a dramatic shift, but rather a steady shift. Not at all a terrible thing, but a lot changes after graduation. If you truly believe this, you will try hard to maintain those ties, and it will not be a huge concern in the end.

If you don't still have any friends from back then, that is one change too many. It is likely that something has changed about you; perhaps you no longer feel like making new friends. That is okay, we all need social time, but make sure you aren't shutting out others who might want to connect with you.

High school friendships are some of the most special things in our lives, and they often last forever. However, life goes on after graduation, and while some people remain close friends, others move away or lose touch with each other over time. That is normal, and there is nothing wrong with changing over time. Just because you weren't able to maintain connections with everyone from high school doesn't mean you're not welcome in the community anymore. Plenty of people get together with their old classmates, and new ones are always coming along too. There's no reason to feel left out or like you can't join in when someone is having an evening out with their high school friends.

Of course, if you still haven't heard from some people after several years, then that is something to worry about.

Are people still friends with people from high school?

Friendships from high school last a lifetime—at least for some. We understand if you've wandered away from your HS barkada. People evolve and grow apart, and that's just fine! However, some people maintain contact with high school pals beyond graduation for a variety of reasons. Maybe one or more of them lives in your neighborhood and you see them around sometimes. Perhaps you have stayed connected through social media. Whatever the case may be, it's nice to know some friendships from back then remain strong into adulthood.

If you're looking to make new friends, consider taking part in an extracurricular activity at your old school. This could be anything from dancing to soccer to skiing to theater to choir. There are so many options available! Also, keep in mind that some former classmates may not be looking to make new friends anymore mature adults. They may only want to stay in touch with everyone from their old crowd via party invitations or school reunions. If you send messages to people who don't respond, they might label you as too intrusive or annoying and block you on Facebook.

Finally, remember that all good things must come to an end. If a friendship is moving in a direction you don't like, politely let them know how you feel about it. Sometimes people need a little push in the right direction! A goodbye letter sent out after the fact will not hurt anyone's feelings.

Is it hard to make friends at a new high school?

Making new acquaintances in high school might be challenging, but it is not impossible. Keep in mind that you'll be graduating shortly and starting college or a career, so you'll be in a new group of individuals where you may meet new friends. If you work on making connections with people, you'll find that they are easier to make than you think.

Start by taking an interest in other people's lives. Find out who some of the popular kids are and what they like to do with their time. This will help you make connections on campus, as well as give you something in common to talk about.

Join clubs or organizations. This shows your school that you're interested in being involved with community life, which will make you more attractive as a candidate for student government or other positions related to school activities.

Go to after-school activities such as sports practices or music lessons. This shows the administration that you're willing to put in time and effort to develop yourself into a valuable member of the community, which is important for students to demonstrate.

Go to school events such as football games or open houses. Going to these events allows you to make connections with other people, especially if you sit together during classes.

Look around campus before choosing a place to study.

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