Does Haibara love Conan?

Does Haibara love Conan?

Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara have an unusual friendship. Conan was initially distrustful of Haibara since she was a member of the Black Organization and the creator of APTX 4869, but he has subsequently warmed up to her as an useful partner and someone to confide in when his views clash with his juvenile cover. Their partnership is crucial for solving many cases they get involved in together.

Haibara loves working with Conan and has stated that she would like to continue working with him after their case is resolved. When asked if she had any romantic feelings toward Conan, she said that she didn't mind being alone forever if necessary. However, she has also been known to flirt with other men, most notably Tōru Ishida, who seems to return her affection.

Conan first met Haibara when she was part of the Black Organization, whose goal it was to capture or kill APTX scientists so that their research could never be used against Japan. Despite her ruthless tactics, she showed some compassion for those who had not committed any crimes, which made her seem more human than most other members of the organization. This changed when she discovered that APTX 4869 could destroy any living organism, even humans, and decided to use it on herself. But instead of dying, she recovered from her injuries and abandoned her mission, leaving the future development of her country untouched. After this incident, she resigned from the organization and started working with Conan on cases together.

Will Conan leave Hibara?

Ran is Conan's one and only crush, and he will not abandon her. Conan, on the other hand, considers Haibara to be a great friend, but not romantically. He knows that Ran would never let him go so he doesn't worry about it.

Conan will never break up with Ran no matter what kind of trouble she gets into because they are friends first and foremost. If anything, he'll probably try to help her out whenever he can!

He has already told Ran this several times before so it's not like he's going to change his mind now.

Does Haibara know Conan?

She already knows Conan is a shrunken human owing to her past understanding about APTX as a member of the Black Organization. She has seen Professor Agasa's devices since she moved in with him. She's seen Conan perform Sleeping Kogoro a few times. So, she knows him well.

However, since she doesn't know he's an orphan, she assumes he has a family who would miss him if he disappeared. When she finds out that he doesn't have anyone, she feels sorry for him and decides to take him in.

Conan initially hates Hana because she kidnapped him but eventually grows fond of her. When Kojima dies, Hana tries to kill herself which causes Conan to try and save her. However, she passes away before he can do so.

Conan then sets out to find someone who can help him stop the Black Organization. He ends up at Haibara's apartment where he meets her father who works for the organization. After some negotiations, they reach an agreement where Haibara will marry Kenji so he can gain access to the Organization's headquarters where he can find out more about their plans. However, after learning the truth about Kenji murdering his wife, she refuses to marry him. Enraged, Kenji attacks Conan but is killed by him during their fight.

Does Akai know Hibara?

Subaru Okiya/Shuichi Akai [edit] Shuichi Akai deduced that Ai Haibara is Shiho Miyano after noticing her appearance in Contact with the Black Organization. The battle with Vermouth proved that Akai had uncovered Ai's actual identity. He then confronted Miyano at the Hibara Residence, but she easily defeated him with a single punch. It was later revealed that Akai knew of Miyano's true identity all along and used Vermouth as a bait to defeat her. After this revelation, Akai stopped appearing in the story.

Now, on with the story...

Akai is one of the main characters of the game. He is a 23-year-old freelance photographer who lives with his sister Emi. Akai has a strong belief in justice, which leads him to challenge the powerful people in order to protect those who cannot defend themselves. He meets up with Miyano during his quest to expose Vermouth's true nature, but it is he who ends up being exposed instead. After this incident, Akai decides to go on an adventure where he hopes to meet new people and experience life while searching for a way to stop Time Slip. He travels across Japan meeting new friends and fighting enemies during his quest. Will Akai be able to save Miyano from becoming another victim of Vermouth? You will have to play the game to find out!

Does vermouth know that Conan is Shinichi?

Vermouth's motivations remain a mystery at this moment. She is aware that Conan is Shinichi and that Haibara is Sherry, but she has kept this information hidden from the rest of the group. It is possible that Vermouth has her own agenda in bringing together these different characters.

Conan does not appear to like or trust Vermouth at all. When she first appears, he refuses her offer of coffee, then insults her by calling her "Miss O." This must have angered Vermouth because later on she tricks him into drinking some kind of toxic liquid which causes him to pass out. While he is sleeping, she removes his sword and takes it with her when she leaves his room.

When Conan wakes up, he goes looking for Sherry but cannot find her so he decides to go after Vermouth instead. As he walks through the hotel room, he notices that something is wrong with his sword so he takes it off and puts it away in its scabbard. At this point, we can assume that Vermouth has been lying in wait for him and attacks him with her pistol. But before she can shoot him again, he pulls out his sword and fights back. They struggle over the gun and during this fight, Sherry comes running in from outside and sees what is happening.

Does AI have a crush on Conan?

So, sure, I believe Ai/Shiho has deep feelings for Conan/Shinichi, but after realizing how much he adores Ran, she probably decided to be her friend/partner in crime. They're just too different in so many ways and while they can fight together, they'd eventually end up killing each other.

That being said, I do believe that there is some kind of connection between them that we mere humans can't see or understand. Maybe it's their mutual hatred for the government or maybe it's just because they are both lonely souls who need friends. However you look at it, there's something special about these two characters and I hope we get to see them together again sometime soon.

Does the FBI know that Conan is Shinichi?

Only Akai is aware of Conan's actual identity, which he discovered only after he disguised himself as Subaru. Nonetheless, the FBI regards him as an ally since before that time. As far as they are concerned, he is just another victim who happened to survive the terrorist attack that killed everyone else.

Conan first met Akai when he arrested him for murder. The two later became friends, and when Akai found out that Conan was actually alive all along, he told him that he would help him find his family if he wanted to. However, when Subaru came looking for him, it turned out that Akai was also a target of his investigation, so he left without saying goodbye. But we can assume that they kept in touch over the years.

One year after the incident, Akai receives a phone call from someone claiming to be Conan. He goes to see what has become of him, but when Subaru shows up, they fight until there is no one left standing. At the end of the battle, however, it is revealed that it wasn't really Conan on the other side of the phone line, but instead it was Akai's son Shinichi who had survived the incident too. After this revelation, both men go their separate ways.

Years later, during a storm, Shinichi finds an unconscious Conan nearby.

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