How did the relationship between Eliezer and his father change?

How did the relationship between Eliezer and his father change?

Still, Eliezer's relationship with his father changes as their circumstances change. Once the two are taken to a concentration camp along with many others, their relationship begins to become close. The reason for the change is the loss of the rest of their family members, and they are only left with each other.

Even though they are in different camps, they continue to be close. When they are released from the camp, they rebuild their life together in Israel.

Eliezer becomes an important figure in God's plans, and he plays a major role in bringing about the birth of Jesus. Through him, God proves that he loves us even when we do wrong. He gives us another chance at life even though we have sinned against him.

Eliezer and Naomi return to Israel where they live out their days in peace. Although they were poor when they first came to Israel, now they are rich in faith. They show that true wealth comes from God and not from material possessions.

What is the relationship between Elie and his father?

Elie and his father have a tight bond and rely on one other to escape the Holocaust's atrocities. After being separated from the female members of their family, Elie and his father spend the most of their time in captivity at each other's side. They write letters to one another and talk about what will happen after they are released.

Their relationship is very important to the story; without it, there would be no reason for the characters to go through what they do. However, despite their dependence on one another, they are two different people with two different ideas about how to live life after being captured by the Nazis. This makes their relationship difficult at times.

During the course of the story, Elie falls in love with Lotte, a German girl he meets while working in a factory. However, she chooses to marry her husband instead. Heartbroken, Elie takes his own life. Before he dies, he tells Lotte that he loves her and wants to meet her after the war. Her husband finds their correspondence and learns about Elie from its contents. He goes to see Elie's father and offers to let him take Elie back to Poland if he can find someone to care for him. Elie's father agrees, and so Lotte invites both of them over for dinner with her husband. During the meal, Elie's father tries to convince Lotte to take him back.

How does Eliezer change at night?

Eliezer acknowledges that he will never forget the flames that burned his religion after witnessing newborns being tossed into the crematory. Eliezer increasingly loses touch with himself. He used to be healthy and full of hopes for a regular life. Now he is ill and dying.

Eliezer's personality begins to dissolve as he sleeps. First, he sees images of his past lives. Then, his soul leaves his body and travels through space until it reaches a place where there are no people. There, the soul finds another body and uses this one too. This process continues forever.

People who know nothing about Judaism may ask why the devil would want to take a soul from a living person. The answer is simple: so that he can make them like him. The devil only wants good people to go to heaven, so he tries to convince them that they cannot get in by their own actions but need the help of someone more powerful (God).

In conclusion, the devil takes souls from living people because they are worth more than those from dead people. If you want to save your own soul, you must fight against evil desires and sins!

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