How do you compare the roles of the family and the community?

How do you compare the roles of the family and the community?

Your responsibility in the household is to take care of your family by cleaning the house and assisting your mother with laundry. Then it's the same in the community. Your job in the community is to take care of it, clean it, assist the street sweeper in cleaning it, or volunteer to clean it. There are many ways you can help your community.

The family provides security for its members by giving them food, shelter, and protection. In the community, the family also provides security for its members as well as the community. If someone breaks into your home, you go to jail; if someone breaks into a store and steals something, the police will arrest him or her. Families work together to protect their interests. For example, if your husband gets a good job, he should tell his boss so that his paychecks get sent to the family bank account instead of just his own. This is called "joint banking." Families also help each other out in times of need. If one member of the family is sick, others will come to their aid. A neighbor might bring over soup or bread if you're having a hard time putting food on the table.

In conclusion, the family is very important for our society because they provide the environment where children can grow up and be educated. Also, families help their communities by acting as a unit that takes care of its needs.

What role does the community play in your life?

Every element of our life is influenced by our communities. Being a part of a community might make us feel like we're a part of something bigger than ourselves. It can provide us with opportunity to interact with others, achieve our goals, and feel protected and secure. A healthy community should contribute equally to maintaining each member's sense of identity and place in the world.

I have two communities that mean the world to me: my family and my school community. My family helps keep me grounded when I need it most and my school community provides a safe place for me to explore my creativity. Without either one of these communities, I would not be who I am today.

My family has been through many changes over the years but they are all there for me when I need them most. We may not always agree on things (like which ice cream flavor I prefer), but they will always support me in whatever decision I make. I know that they love me just the way I am even if sometimes that means putting up with some of my habits!

My school community has also been through its ups and downs over the years but it has always managed to come out on top. We've had our share of conflicts over the years (like when some kids used to try and pick fights with me) but now we're all friends again.

What makes it an important part of your life and community?

It is critical for everyone to feel a sense of belonging.

Community service is a great way to make friends and give back at the same time. It can be as simple as volunteering at a local library or hospital or it could be done through participating in a social movement or organizing a charity drive. There are many ways to get involved in your community and make a difference at the same time. If you're looking for a way to make friends, have fun, and give back at the same time, consider doing some community service.

The term "community service" comes from the fact that it requires a certain amount of effort from each member of the community. In other words, everyone has an obligation to their community. This means that not only do we get benefits from living in a community, but we also need to contribute something too.

Without community service, society would break down into isolated groups of people who didn't know anything about anyone else. This would lead to conflict between these groups over things like resources, which isn't good for anyone.

What is the importance of recognizing and respecting the roles of family members?

Roles are vitally crucial in the operation of a healthy family. Most academics believe that establishing distinct responsibilities within a family is strongly related to a family's capacity to deal with day-to-day living, unexpected emergencies, and the usual changes that occur in families throughout time.... According to role theory, the way in which individuals define their roles influences how they perceive themselves as part of the family group and also affects the quality of their relationships with other family members.

Specifically, roles help families communicate expectations, set limits, and manage conflict by assigning specific duties and responsibilities. Roles also provide structure and guidance for young children by dividing up parental duties according to age and ability. Finally, roles serve as a source of identity for family members - one member may feel more like an individual if he/she has a defined role within the family unit.

In today's world, families are becoming increasingly diverse, which means that they often include siblings who no longer have full custody of each other. In cases where there is a loss of contact between siblings, it is important that they understand the roles that each person in the family has been given. This will help them develop a sense of identity and also ensure that nobody feels excluded or unwanted.

When families live together without being married, they are expected to follow the same rules as husband and wife families. This includes assuming different roles based on the type of relationship that exists between the parties involved.

Please give three answers, Brainly.?

A family provides a person with a sense of belonging. It is a part of your social identity. 2. Your family meets your basic requirements, such as housing and food. 3. Your family gives you love and support.

An individual lives alone. It is a part of your personal identity. 2. Alone means without others; solitary. 3. Alone means having no family; orphaned. 4. An orphan is a person who has no parents or only one parent. 5. Many institutions have been created to help orphans develop into responsible adults.

To be human is to be familial. Humans are born into families. A family is the first place where we learn what it means to live and let live. A family teaches us right from wrong, good from evil. A family connects us with others, gives us strength when we need it most. In short, a family is everything.

Therefore, to be human is to be familial.

What is your contribution to your family?

My contribution to my family is the primary thing that we are not attempting to comprehend. In truth, we make significant contributions to our family. We may improve our home environment by developing excellent habits and doing good job. We can contribute and assist our parents and elders, and we may educate our siblings to do the same. However, all these efforts only mean something if they are done voluntarily and with love.

As far as money is concerned, it's not very important because we need money to contribute in a big way. If you have much money, then it can be an obstacle for you to contribute. But if you are in debt, then you cannot afford to give anything. You must start by paying off your debts. Only then will you be able to give something valuable.

So, in order to lead a happy life, we should try to find out what makes us happy and then contribute towards it. Only then will our effort be rewarded.

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