How do you get your sister to stop messing with you?

How do you get your sister to stop messing with you?

Play some music or phone a friend. Allow yourself time to consider your options before responding. If you need immediate reprieve from the bothersome conduct before taking action, walk outside or to another room for a time. Ask your sister to quit her unpleasant conduct straight. If she refuses, then state your reasons why the situation is inappropriate for playtime.

If you are able to delay your response long enough to consider all aspects of the problem, you will be able to come up with a suitable punishment that won't cause more problems down the road.

For example, you could forbid your sister from touching your toys or limiting her access to them. You would also want to make sure that you don't tell her what will happen if she continues to touch your belongings; this type of punishment should be delivered privately. Finally, it's important to remember that she may not understand why you are punishing her so you must explain this to her as soon as possible.

Your goal is to let your sister know that what she is doing is wrong and to give her time to change her behavior. If she still continues to harass you after you have punished her or refused to engage in her antics, then seek help from an adult you trust (parent, guardian, teacher).

What do you do when your younger sister is mean?

Take a step back. You can move away from your younger sister if she is being very unpleasant and taking a deep breath does not help. Go into another room and do something just for you, such as reading a book or playing with your favorite toys. Some alone time might help you relax.

When you return, you should be in a better mood and able to talk to your younger sister without getting angry or resentful. Try to understand why she has acted this way today since it is not normal behavior for her. Maybe she had a bad day at school or with her friends. Perhaps she is feeling insecure about herself or her place in the world.

If you can figure out what is making your younger sister act this way, then you will be able to fix the problem. For example, if she was hurt by something you said earlier, then avoid arguing with her unless it is something that needs to be said. Keep discussions friendly and positive.

Try not to take her actions personally; she is probably just acting out because she is trying to tell you something. Sometimes kids need time alone, so give her some time alone too. She will soon get over it and be my loving little sister again!

How do I get my sister to suffer?

Sometimes the greatest way to irritate your sister is to do nothing—just pretend she doesn't exist!

  1. Don’t ever look at her or acknowledge her presence at all.
  2. Whenever she says something to you, don’t reply, pretend you didn’t hear anything.
  3. You can take this even further by pretending she doesn’t even exist.

Why do I get irritated by my sister?

If you have an annoying sister, it's possible that her conduct has been endured or seen by other family members. Discuss the conduct of the "difficult" sibling with your parents, other siblings, grandparents, in-laws, or other siblings. Perhaps they have some insight into why she acts the way she does.

Your sister may be irritating because she is acting like a child, refusing to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. Or she may be acting this way because she is a child inside who doesn't know any better. Sometimes children act this way because they are angry at their parents for marrying or giving birth to another child. Other times they do these things to feel important or to make themselves feel powerful.

Your sister may be irritating because she is always trying to play the victim. If she gets mad at you, instead of taking responsibility for her behavior, she will often say or do something cruel to try and make you feel bad. This is called retaliatory behavior. Children who suffer from emotional abuse often learn that if they hurt others, they will be treated better. They don't understand that what they are doing is wrong.

Your sister may also be irritating because she tries to control everyone around her. If you try to tell her no, then she will just keep on asking until she gets her way. This type of behavior is called coercive persuasion.

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