How is the Bates family related to the Duggars?

How is the Bates family related to the Duggars?

They are about to have their first kid. The Bates and Duggar families have spent a lot of time together throughout the years. They both have huge families, and their children are close in age and have grown up together. Many of the children have remained close friends and have attended each other's weddings.

The Bates family has been around since 1741 when they came over on the Mayflower. John Bates married into the family and had eight children with his wife Abigail. She died after giving birth to her ninth child. He then married another woman and had more kids. That family is still alive today. The Duggers were born almost a decade later, in 1749, so they really didn't get a chance to know each other when they were young.

But everything changed in 2005 when the Bates family moved in next door to the Duggar family. Josiah and Jana Duggar invited the entire family over for dinner, and the two families have been close ever since. In fact, many people think that Josh and Jessa Duggar are the parents of four of the five younger children from the Bates family. But they can't be because Josiah and Mary Bates had already gone through what would have been called "premarriage counseling" at this point.

So basically, the Bates family became friends with the Duggar family after they moved next door to them.

Did any of the Bates marry a Duggar?

No one in the Bates family has verified that there is apprehension about marrying into the Duggar family because of its reputation, but it is another solid possibility as to why no one in the Bates family has ever courted a Duggar and vice versa.

The Duggar family is one of the main characters in the TV series "19 Kids and Counting". They are a large family who lives in Jakesville, Arkansas. Nineteen of their children have been born into the world so far. The show focuses on their daily lives; some difficult and some not so much. TLC (the network that produces the show) claims that it is based on real events. However, this isn't necessarily true as some editing is done for entertainment purposes.

It's possible that someone in the Bates family might have tried to marry into the Duggar family but didn't go through with it. Or perhaps they were afraid that the marriage would be considered illegal since it's not approved by God. There have been several cases of people being forced into marriages by their families, especially in the Middle East where many women suffer abuse at the hands of their husbands or fathers.

In conclusion, it's possible that no one in the Bates family has ever courted a Duggar because they're all too busy running from life's problems to bother with each other.

Is bringing Bates up like the Duggars?

The 19-member Bringing Up Bates family has similar Christian beliefs as the Duggars, but they bring a unique viewpoint that viewers like. The two families are very similar, but how do the Duggars feel about the newcomers to the reality TV scene? Here's what we know thus far.

Bringing Up Bates Family: They're a family of Christians who live in Conyers, Georgia. They have four children under the age of 10. Zoƫ, their oldest daughter, is 12 years old; she's a high school student who plays soccer and basketball. She also dabbles in modeling when she has time. Her younger sister, Anna, is eight years old; she likes to draw pictures and play with her sisters. Next is five-year-old Mollie; she's a bit of a tomboy who loves playing outside with her siblings and friends. Last but not least, three-year-old Baxtersaurus rex will be joining the family soon. He can talk already!

Like the Duggars, the Bates family gets famous because of all they go through while raising their children in what many consider to be a normal household. On January 24, 2012, the family became internet-famous when they posted a video on YouTube in which they begged people not to judge them after seeing their allegedly "crazy" life.

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