How to make your spouse feel more secure?

How to make your spouse feel more secure?

Suggestions for making your husband feel more secure: 1Ask them what they require from you in order to feel emotionally secure and cherished, and 2Give it to them (over and over, without being asked each time). 3 Rinse and re-rinse thoroughly.

The goal is to show your spouse that you care about them deeply, and that you're willing to go beyond just loving them with your heart, but also with your actions.

So, how do you express your love to make your spouse feel secure? Here are five ways:

1. Ask them what they require from you in order to feel emotionally secure and cherished, and give it to them.

Spouses need our attention and our focus. They need us to stop what we are doing every once in a while and pay them some serious attention. Give your spouse your full attention by listening to them without distractions such as phone calls or emails. Also, encourage them by showing interest in what they have to say.

2. Re-live past moments together.

What makes someone feel loved is the knowledge that they are not forgotten, but rather remembered with kindness. Keep this in mind when expressing your love to your spouse. Remember times gone by when you both felt happy and secure, and relive those moments together (with a smile on your face!).

How can I help my wife feel more secure?

"How can I make my wife feel more secure?" they inquire. "How can I make my hubby feel more secure?" This is an excellent point; all too often, couples place the blame and responsibility for their partner's insecurity firmly on the shoulders of their already worried spouse or partner. However, there are ways that each person can make their mate feel safer and more secure.

The first thing that anyone who wants to make their wife or husband feel safer needs to understand is that fears are normal. All people have fears; it's what you do with those fears that makes the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. If your partner is insecure about something, this does not mean that they are failing as a person or that they are not worth loving. It simply means that they are afraid; however, fear not only is natural, but it is also important. Without fear, there would be no need for caution or respect; therefore, fearing one's spouse should not be seen as a sign of weakness but rather as a sign of love and concern.

Next, anyone who wants to make their wife or husband feel safer needs to understand that security cannot be given, it must be taken away! In other words, if your goal is to make your spouse feel safe, then you must learn how to trust them even when you do not fully understand their actions. Fear not only allows for growth and development within relationships, but it also creates opportunities for adventure!

How do you go from anxious attachment to feeling secure?

5 Ways to Make Anxious Attachment and Love More Secure

  1. Learn how you use other people to regulate your emotions.
  2. Notice how much you talk at someone versus connect with them.
  3. Work on your disappointment from the past.
  4. Recognize when someone is securely attached and what they do.
  5. Let go of relationships when your needs for security are not being met.

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