Is it possible to make a narcissist addicted to you?

Is it possible to make a narcissist addicted to you?

Addiction to you will not only make a narcissist adore you, but it will also make them appreciate you. Narcissists are well-known for their ability to charm and seduce others, but this does not exclude them from being manipulated if you grasp how their mind works. It is possible to make a narcissist addicted to you by repeating actions that reward them with your attention and admiration.

Narcissists have a need for attention and admiration. If they do not get it from someone, they will go after another person. Usually, they end up hurting the one who refuses them, which is why most people avoid relationships with narcissists. However, there are ways to make a narcissist love you again. You just have to figure out what they want and give it to them.

Narcissists are often described as self-absorbed, but this is not exactly true. They do care about other people, but only to the extent that they can use them for their own needs. This means that if you want a narcissist to love you again, you have to first understand what drives them. Then, you have to supply these needs in a way that they can't get elsewhere. For example, if a narcissist wants attention and admiration, you can give it to them by flattering them or doing something special for them.

Can a narcissist make love?

Some narcissists lie and/or love-bomb their target by overwhelming them with verbal, physical, and material gestures of affection. When the anticipation of closeness rises or when they win at their game, narcissists lose interest. However, this behavior is difficult for most people to handle, and if the relationship becomes too intense, it can lead to a painful breakup.

Narcissists are capable of having intimate relationships, but they need to feel important and loved in order to be satisfied. Therefore, they usually look for partners who can meet their needs in these areas. Narcissists may seem charming and romantic, but under the surface they are often looking for someone to fulfill them emotionally. In other words, they are looking for a soul mate. The problem is that there is no such thing as a true soul mate. Any connection with another person is based on factors such as chemistry, mutual understanding, and shared values. For this reason, a narcissist will often have many relationships, each one ending when they find the next "success" story.

They may act like they want to change, but in reality they are just looking for another chance at happiness. If you are in contact with a narcissist, try not to get involved with them. Even though they may appear to be sensitive and loving, in reality they are still selfish and self-absorbed.

How do you make a narcissist feel loved?

Loving a narcissist may be both gratifying and stressful. These suggestions can be beneficial.

  1. Listen to yourself—carefully.
  2. Do a self-inventory.
  3. Reinforce positive behavior.
  4. Practice mindfulness yourself and bring it into your relationship.
  5. Be realistic.
  6. Be honest with yourself.

What is a narcissistic fantasist?

Because reality does not support their inflated self-image, narcissists live in a dream world supported by deceit, self-delusion, and magical thinking. They conjure up self-serving dreams of limitless prosperity, power, intelligence, beauty, and perfect love that make them feel exceptional and in command. In fact, they are full of deep-seated feelings of insecurity that lead to emotional abuse as a means of control.

Narcissistic fantasies affect how they perceive and relate to others. Because they believe they are extraordinary, they think everyone else is too. Narcissists are convinced the world revolves around them and they have no one but themselves to blame for any failure or disappointment.

Narcissistic fantasies also play a role in how they view themselves. Because they feel inadequate otherwise, they compensate by idealizing themselves as wonderful and superior people who deserve all good things. In addition, because they fear rejection and abandonment, they require excessive admiration from others to feel safe. Finally, because they are insecure about their physical appearance, they must devote much energy to improving their image.

Narcissistic fantasies are common among many psychotics including sociopaths, psychopaths, and antisocials. However, even though they may be perceived as evil by others, narcissists claim they are just "acting out" a normal part of humanity. They try to explain away their abuses as necessary for success in life or to avoid hurting others' feelings.

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