Catering FAQ’s

Escorpión Caters?
We sure do! Just consider us a Fiesta on Wheels!  Please see our website for details Escorpión Catering  

Do you deliver? If so, Dondé?
¡Claro que Sí! Absolutely!  We deliver anywhere inside the Perimeter (I.T.P.)

¿Cuánto cuesta? How much is the delivery?
$35 – Flat Fee for inside the Perimeter. Please inquire for any deliveries Outside the Perimeter (O.T.P.).

Is there a food minimum amount for delivery?
Yes, there is a $150 minimum subtotal of food and beverage per delivery.

Setup? How do I Make it Look Good? 
No worries Amigo!  We bring it! We set it up! We make it (and you) look great!  Just sit back & enjoy. 
¡Buen Provecho!

Who cleans up? 
It’s a snap! Any leftovers are for you to enjoy the next day! We will provide to go boxes for your guests to take. All the dishes & utensils are disposable. The wire racks are yours to use for your next Escorpión catering event.

How do I pay? Take my Dinero!
We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and of course cash (sorry no pesos!). We can take corporate checks upon approval. All you need is a credit card on file prior to booking and payment is due at time of the event.

I don’t need delivery, I just want to pick up my order. Is that ok?
¡No Problemo – Save some Dinero! Just let us know whatever is easy for you. And of course, there is no delivery fee!

We want to spice up our event with Servers, can you help us?
¡No Problemo! Please let us know ahead of time. We have professional servers for you, just $35.00 per an hour, per server.  Now, you can enjoy your fiesta and leave the work to us!

What do I need to get for my event? 
All you have to worry about is the table! The plates, napkins, forks, serving utensils, and chaffing stands comes with your fiesta on wheels for a nominal fee! 

Is there such a thing as vegetarian Mexican food?
Of course, there is! Escorpión has many salad options, sides , and vegetable fajitas!

This sounds maravilloso! How do I get my own fiesta on wheels?
That’s the easy part Amigo! You may email us: OR call us @ 678.666.5198!