What are the thoughts and feelings?

What are the thoughts and feelings?

Feelings come first in the primary scenario, in the normal condition. Thoughts are means of dealing with feelings; they are ways of reasoning our way out of feelings; they are ways of finding answers that suit the needs that lay behind the sensations. In both a hierarchical and chronological sense, feelings come first. Thoughts only arise after we feel something; they try to solve problems that feelings have not been able to deal with.

In other words, feelings are what you experience within yourself, while thoughts are how you react to those feelings.

For example, if you were walking down the street and saw someone you liked, you would probably feel happy. However, if you were thinking about your recent argument with your partner, then your mind would be working hard trying to figure out a way to make peace. Feelings and thoughts are two sides of the same coin: one cannot exist without the other. Together, they make up our personality.

People who do not think tend to behave in certain ways depending on their environment. For example, if you did not care what others thought of you, you might talk in class or walk down the middle of the road every time you went out into the community. Such people often end up going their own way, because nobody cares what they think or feel.

What are your thoughts and feelings?

Thoughts are strategies of coping with emotions. Examples of thoughts are "This will help me to feel less lonely," or "I should go out and have fun even though I'm feeling sad." Thoughts can also be called strategies because they require judgment and choice in order to execute them. For example, if you think that drinking will make you feel better, then it is a thought. If, on the other hand, you decide to drink in order to escape from your sadness, then this is a strategy too.

Feelings are perceptions in the body. Sensations are feelings without objects. An object is anything that can touch or taste or hear or smell. Without objects there cannot be feelings. All feelings are sensations at some level. We feel happy when our bodies react positively to events, and we know that happiness comes from within ourselves because external things cannot give us joy. Sadness is a feeling that results from losing something important to us; it is as simple as that. Losing someone we love hurts because we care about them; we want them to be happy. This pain is what gives rise to the sensation of grief.

Thinking and feeling are both necessary to move forward in life.

Which comes first: thoughts or emotions?

The sensations come first, followed by the thoughts. This implies we can't modify our minds to make the sensations go away. We can take action to deal with our feelings, though.

Emotions are reactions to specific thoughts or situations. Sometimes these are pleasant emotions, such as joy or happiness, but they can also be unpleasant ones, such as anger or rage. Learning about emotions has helped many people cope better with stressful situations.

Thought itself is not a sensation, so it cannot be experienced directly. However, thought processes often lead to certain results, which may produce feelings either physically or emotionally. For example, if I think of an angry person, I will probably feel angry. If I think of my best friend, I will probably feel happy. Understanding this relationship between thoughts, emotions, and outcomes has helped me be more aware of my thinking process so that I can change negative patterns of thinking for more positive ones.

People use different words to describe emotions. The words I have listed here are the most common ones. Other people may use different terms for the same emotion. Emotions are simply subjective experiences that arise in response to something that occurs or doesn't occur. They don't have any objective existence apart from those experiences.

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