What did Ponyboy say to Randy in Hinton 99?

What did Ponyboy say to Randy in Hinton 99?

Ponyboy expresses pity for Randy and says that if he could, he would assist Randy. After their talk, Two-Bit makes a sly remark, referring to Randy as "Mr. Super-Soc" (Hinton 99). "He ain't a Soc... he's just a dude," Ponyboy answers.

Randy later confronts the boys about Two-Bit's comment. They deny being behind it and attack him with rocks, until Darryl comes to his friend's rescue. Later, when Randy tries to go after the boys again, Darryl stops him, saying they need him around now more than ever. This convinces Randy not to fight back against his friends.

What does Ponyboy realize after talking to Randy?

Ponyboy is comforted by his conversation with Randy and knows that Socs may be human and vulnerable. He decides not to hurt Randy or anyone else for knowing this fact.

Ponyboy realizes that humans can be good too, which is why he decided not to hurt Randy. He understands now that there are good socs and bad socs just like there are good gangs and bad gangs. If someone chooses to be a soc then they should not be blamed for being one. There must be a reason why they became one even though most people think that all socs are evil.

Ponyboy learns from his mistake and will not make the same one again. He tells Randy that next time they meet it will be at gunpoint and not to come near him or else he might shoot him too. This time Randy gets the message and stays away from Ponyboy.

After everything that has happened between them two men seem to have become friends. They both need friends right now and hope that things will get better soon.

What does Randy tell Ponyboy at the end of Chapter 7?

Randy describes Bob as his best buddy, a kind man with a bad temper and excessively indulgent parents.

Randy tells Ponyboy that Bob was beaten to death by their father because he got in one last blow against him before being beaten himself. He also tells Ponyboy that Socs are treated very badly by humans, who see them as worthless and use cruel punishments to control them. Finally, Randy warns Ponyboy that anyone can be taken from us at any time and it's important to love those we have been given.

Randy's words cause Ponyboy to think about his own life and the people he loves. He realizes that while some humans are evil, most are not and some Socs like Bonnie are even able to connect with humans. This makes Ponyboy feel better about himself and the world around him. He decides to keep fighting for what's right even if it means suffering punishment himself.

Why does Ponyboy hate Randy in the Outsiders?

Ponyboy claims he despises Randy because he is associated with Bob and the Socs. Pony holds them responsible for Bob's death, their need to flee, and Johnny's injuries. When Randy requests to speak with him, he agrees. Randy has stated that he will not attend the grudge match between the greasers and the Socs. However, when Ponyboy sees this, he attacks Randy.

In the final scene of the film, we see Ponyboy being taken away by police officers. During his arrest, he shoots one of them dead. The next day at school, it is revealed that another boy named John Bennett had done this act. He was also arrested by the police officers and sent to juvenile hall.

In the final scene of the movie, we see Randy attending a party at a house where people have gathered because of the murder. It is assumed by many that he did this so he could meet girls. After dancing with several women, he leaves the party with two friends looking for trouble. They find it when they encounter some Socs near an alley. A fight breaks out and one of the Socs gets killed. Randy then goes after Ponyboy who has just arrived at the party.

During their confrontation, Randy tries to go after Pony but misses him. Instead, he hits John who has just walked in from outside. Realizing what has happened, Randy runs off in fear for his life.

Randy is taken aback by Ponyboy.?

Randy taught Ponyboy that it's "tough all over" and that socs have feelings as well. Ponyboy had a romanticized opinion of socs before meeting Randy, believing that they didn't bleed like greasers. After conversing with Randy, he saw how similar the two lads were, regardless of clique. He also learned that socs get beaten up too.

Randy showed Ponyboy that there were other ways to fight back other than using your fists. He also proved to him that you don't have to be a social to be a fighter.

Ponyboy wanted to meet the rest of the socs so he could learn more about them. But when he asked Randy where they lived, his friend told him that they didn't live anywhere in particular and just sort of hung out on top of things. Saddened by this revelation, Ponyboy decided not to look for them anymore.

One day, while walking home from school, Ponyboy sees someone he knows from around town- Vincent Millay. The two talk for a bit before parting ways. A few days later, when Randy comes to visit Ponyboy at his house, he finds his friend crying in his room. When asked why he's sad, Ponyboy tells Randy that he just met someone new who knew everything about him and doesn't live anywhere in particular...

Why do you think ponyboy says Randy is just a guy and not a SOC?

Because conditions are "tough" for both Socs and Greasers, as the quotation suggests, you may recognize the common aspect of humanity in "the other person" and get beyond the labels that only seem to separate and engender enmity in this story.

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