What is the gist?

What is the gist?

A fictionkin is a spiritual connection to a fictitious character and/or species. Fictionkin frequently feel they are or were a fictitious character or species, either currently or in a previous life. Kining is sometimes utilized as a coping method for neurodivergent persons.

How does it work? When you kine, you contact a fictional character or species through prayer, meditation, or other means of communication. You learn their history and develop a relationship with them. If you have been kined, you may be given missions to complete, or advice to follow. If the fictional character or species wants to, they can send you visions or messages to guide you in your kining efforts.

Who uses it? Neurodivergent people have used fictionkins for centuries to cope with stressors related to mental illness or disability. Modern day fictionkins include those who have felt connected to Harry Potter, Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, or Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Is it real? No, it is not real. It is simply what it is: a way for someone to deal with anxiety or depression by connecting with something that feels safe and useful. There are no scientific studies that show kining to be effective at reducing stress or improving mood, so it is not medically recognized. However, many neurodivergent people report that it helps them cope with difficult issues in their lives.

What does it mean to Kin with a character?

Otherkin are a subgroup of fictionkin. A fictionkin is a deep enough connection, typically spiritual, with a fictitious character or species to identify as them. They often take on the personality traits of their favorite fictional character(s), such as from movies, books, or video games.

How do you know if you are a Otherkin? The first thing to understand about otherkin is that there are many different ways to be one. You could be a full-fledged other person with a shared identity; this would require you to believe you were another species or fictional character. It's also possible to have an affinity for animals or plants instead. Finally, you might simply like the way certain characters look or act and want to include these features in your own self-image. This last option is not othering yourself, but identifying with something in the real world.

Why would someone choose to identify as other than human? There are two main reasons why people become otherkin: to explore what it means to be human, and because they wish to connect with a fictional character. Both reasons are valid, but some otherkin may only embrace certain aspects of themselves. For example, some otherkin may choose to remain human because they like how it feels to use their minds without limits, even if they are not actually humans.

What does it mean to kin a fictional character?

Fictionkin means that you are a fan of a fictional character. People who like comic books or movies can be called fictionkins, as can people who like any other kind of fiction such as novels or plays. The word "fictional" is used because these characters don't exist in the real world- they're made up by writers and artists. However, many reality stars are now becoming famous after being on television shows, so they can be called fictional characters too.

People love fictionkins for different reasons. Some enjoy reading or seeing films about these characters; others like collecting items that are associated with them; while some just like the feeling of being part of a community of people who share their interest in one place at one time.

Whatever your reason for liking fictionkins, remember that we all have different tastes and interests, so there's no need to feel like you have to like them all too!

Is kinning real?

"Kinning" (I would advise against using that word if you want to spend time with more serious "kin") means not connecting to or seeing oneself in a fictitious character. It is referred to as that imaginary figure (on a non-physical level, of course). That does not mean it does not exist, but rather that one cannot connect with it on an emotional level.

--from Wikipedia

Kin are people who share many of the same traits, such as the same personality disorder or addiction. They may even be related to each other through blood ties or marriage arrangements. However, because they have never met face to face, there is no way of knowing for sure whether two people are truly connected by being kin.

In mythology and folklore, the concept of kin has a variety of meanings depending on the culture and context in which it appears. Some examples include:

In some Native American cultures, being kin to someone means that you are their relative - either biologically or through adoption. Because relations are defined based on behavior and agreement, some people may claim kinship with others they have never met, simply because they share a common ancestor.

In African cultures, being kin often means having the same owner, but this relationship can be either positive or negative. For example, if one person serves as guardian for another, then they are considered kin.

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