Why should you not pursue happiness?

Why should you not pursue happiness?

To begin with, the search of pleasure is rarely fruitful. According to research, those who place a high priority on happiness are, on average, less happy than those who are less fascinated with happiness. One of the primary reasons why the quest of pleasure fails is because we hunt for it in all the wrong places. We try to find it through acquiring more and more material goods, but these cannot give us lasting happiness. The only thing that can be said for certain about pursuing happiness is that it won't make you happy.

The search for happiness involves risk. If you choose to chase after it, you might never catch up with it. It's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of happiness; we all do it from time to time. But if you want to be successful at finding it, you need to understand its nature and know how to cope with it when we catch up with it.

Happiness is an elusive concept. While some people claim to know exactly what it means to them, the truth is that nobody can really describe it. This makes happiness difficult to identify, let alone capture. However, this does not mean that we cannot find out what makes some people happy and what doesn't. Research shows that there are several factors which come into play when trying to find happiness. For example, if we examine the lives of famous people, we see that they tended to be highly regarded by others, had many friends, were well-off financially, and so on.

Is it bad to pursue happiness?

1. People look for happiness in the wrong places. We try to find it through acquiring more wealth, power over others, or status symbols. But none of these things will make us truly happy.

2. The search for happiness is a self-defeating one. Because we chase after it in the wrong places and spend our time trying to fix ourselves instead of enjoying what we have, the quest for happiness is actually very harmful. It causes us pain and anxiety when we don't get it, which leads us to keep chasing it. This cycle will never end until you learn how to be happy with what you have.

3. There are better ways to achieve greatness. Some people believe that if they work hard and earn lots of money, they will be happy. However, this isn't true. Only a few people can be happy regardless of their income. The rest of us need things that money can't buy. We need love and respect, and we should seek these things out through meaningful work and healthy relationships.

4. Happiness is an inside job. Someone once said that happiness is when you do what you want to do and like what you do.

Why should we watch the pursuit of happiness?

The Pursuit of Happiness works so effectively because it depicts reality as it truly is. That we, as humans, may endure a number of failures before achieving our goals, and that even after achieving our goals, we may still have some failures. The film shows us that these are facts of life that cannot be changed.

Furthermore, the film shows that while failure may hurt at the time, it is these failures that help us grow as people. It teaches us that while success may give us pleasure now, it does not last forever. And most important, it tells us that if we keep working hard, we will succeed in what we want in life.

This movie has been cited by many leaders in different fields. Mahatma Gandhi said that it was this film that inspired him to fight for his country's independence from Britain. Einstein said that it was this film that taught him that "if you want to change something, you need to start with yourself".

Hollywood continues to remake this film with new titles every few years. The latest one is called "Startup: Silicon Valley", and it comes out in February 2016.

Why do you chase happiness?

Chasing happiness is attempting to maintain oneself through "good" life experiences rather than modifying the baseline as a whole. Motivating ourselves with the goal of reaching a long-term sensation of "good" is not only harmful, but also unattainable. If you want to be happy, you must quit seeking it.

The more we seek out good experiences, the more we are going to attract them into our lives. We need to understand that feelings have no identity of their own, they are just sensations that pass through us. We create our own reality by what we think about, so if we think only bad things can happen to us, that is what will keep us safe and secure. However, if we think only good things can happen to us, then great!

The more we focus on positive aspects of our lives, the more joy we will feel. If you want to be happy, stop focusing on what's wrong in your life and start appreciating all the good things that you have right now.

Some people may question why would you want to be unhappy when there are so many things that could make you feel good. The reason is simple: feeling good is easy, but being happy is difficult. If you're used to feeling sad or anxious, chasing those feelings will never make you happy. The only way to overcome unhappiness is by learning how to feel good again and again even when things aren't going well.

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